InnoZyg is an application that connects to weighers and weighing devices for large scales. It records the scale data and produces weighing slips and other documents.

Many weighing scales are supported such as HBM (also using the TRADE application for digital cells) as well as Analogic and others.

The application database is Interbase 6.0 or Firebird. Weigher slips can be customised to fit the customer’s needs

The system uses client-server technology. Some of its features are:

  • Multiple points of weighing even remote
  • Connection to multiple scales for the same weighing slip
  • Issue of shipping orders and invoices
  • Issue of inventory documents
  • Numbering of documents in a uniform manner
  • Connection to Greek tax machines
  • Inventory management
  • Re-printing of weighing slips and invoices at any time
  • Statistical Data
  • Special features for loading vessels