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Looking for Metagnosi Software E.E. ?

Metagnosi Software E.E. was permanently shut down (shutdown -h).

I am now working as a freelancer developing software and systems but you can contact me for anything regarding Metagnosi related software and services. After all I was the founder!

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Why me?

My experience is now in the best of stages. 15 years is a long time, and since I am involved with computers from as far back as 1992 when I wrote my first computer program, I think, It gives a sense of my commitment and love for development.
My development efforts are not limited to one field only. I consider this an advantage because real innovation cames from a wide area of knowledge and experiences.
I am and Engineer. Due to my training I believe I will always think like an Engineer. Therefore, I am usually concerned with details other people ignore and I am happy when I create NEW things.
You can have a word with my clients below and you will be assured that I am, or try to be very committed to my work in terms of both quality and deadlines.

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